Best Car Insurance Companies 2022

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Type of driverAverage annual rate
For good drivers$1,556
For drivers who have caused an accident with property damage$1,732
For drivers who have caused an accident that injured someone else$2,541
For drivers with one speeding ticket$1,732
For drivers with a DUI conviction$2,595
For drivers who have poor credit$2,860
For drivers who were caught without insurance$1,764

How Can I Find the Best Price on Car Insurance?

It’s a good idea to shop for auto insurance before you buy a car. Without car insurance in business , you may not be able to drive your new wheels off the dealer’s lot. Once you determine how much car insurance you need, it’s time to start shopping for a policy. Prices often vary widely among companies, so it’s smart to compare car insurance quotes from multiple insurers. You can find free excerpts online or by working with an auto insurance agent. Independent insurance agents can provide quotes from multiple companies. Insurance quotes are always free.

What Types of Car Insurance Are Required?

  • Here are types of car insurance you should know:
  • Car liability insurance. This pays for damages and property damage you cause to others. A good rule of thumb is to buy enough car liability insurance to cover what can be taken from you in a lawsuit.
  • Required? Yes, in most states.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage (UM) and Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UIM). These range types pay for your medical bills and additional expenses if someone crashes into you and they don’t have liability insurance or have inadequate insurance.
  • Required? Uninsured motorist range is mandatory in some states and optional in others.
  • Collision and comprehensive insurance. These are two different coverage types often sold together. Collision and comprehensive insurance pay for car repair bills for problems such as car accidents, car theft, fires, floods, severe weather, falling objects, and collisions with animals.
  • Needed ? If you have a car loan or lease, your lender or leasing agent will likely require that you have these. Otherwise collision and comprehensive are optional.

More About State Farm

State Farm is the biggest auto and home insurer in the U.S. The business sells vehicle insurance for cars, motorcycles, RVs, off-road vehicles, and boats. For those who have antique and classic cars, State Farm also provides coverage for vintage vehicles.

State Farm Auto Insurance Discounts

Whether you’re a safe driver or have numerous vehicles under one policy, you might be capable to save on your State Farm auto insurance rates.

Safe driver discount: Whether you maintain an accident-free driving narrative or educate yourself on best driving practices, you could receive a discount. For example, if you carry a defensive driving course or have gone three years without a moving violation or at-fault accident, you could be eligible for a deal .

Good student discount: Do you hold a full-time student who has a B average or better? If so, you could save up to 25%. And the discount can stay with your student ever behind graduation (until they reach age 25).

Safe vehicle discounts: For drivers who have more recent vehicles with the latest safety features, State Farm offers insurance rewards. For example, if your vehicle was made in 1994 or after (depending on the make and model of the car), you could hold up to 40% on medical-related coverage.

Loyal customer discounts. Clients who insure more than one vehicle or have other insurance types could land a loyalty discount. For example, drivers who insure at least two vehicles on the same approach could save as much as 20%, and drivers who bundle home, condo or life insurance with an auto insurance policy could save up to 17%.

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