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New Meri gari scheme Pakistan 2021 | online apply. In the National Assembly Budget 2021, Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen announced that the government wants to provide more facilities to the public in their new scheme “Meri Gari Scheme Pakistan”.In short this is car loan car mortgage scheme .

In the annual budget 2021-22, the Federal government announced their new scheme “Meri Car Scheme” for Pakistani citizens. In announcing the annual budget 2021-22, the investment minister ‘Shaukat Tareen’ also announced this scheme in his budget speech. He said that “the Pakistani citizens could receive benefits from this car scheme 2021”.

He said that one of the most choices is that “Excise duty on small cars of 800cc has been reduced except for customs and regulatory duties”. The finance minister also presented that the state provides tax relaxation on electric vehicles.

Prime Minster Meri gari scheme Pakistan 2021

The Finance Minister announced the new scheme “Meri Gari Scheme 2021” for the Pakistanis in the annual budget 2021-22 for the next financial year. He presented that the custom and regulatory duties have decreased on vehicles, which less than 800cc. This reduction was held under this scheme.

The federal government introduced this scheme for the public because in recent years, car prices are extremely high, which leads to a great decline in sales. Due to large costs, the public is not able to purchase expensive vehicles. That’s why the government has presented this car scheme in which the interest rates will less. Under this scheme, the new business rates just like to be 5% to 6%.

Meri Gari Scheme advantages:

This new scheme will provide many benefits to the public particularly low-income people such as teachers and other professionals whose salaries become able to buy a decent ride for them. Under this scheme, the state has also reduced taxes on 1000cc cars instead of 800cc. The finance ambassador announced that the government is making a new auto policy in which the tax will cut for 850cc to 1000cc car purchasers. He said that the business rates should be 5% for 1000cc cars and 6% for larger vehicles. This new policy is still not finalized by the federal government.

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